Why I became a Youtuber

For the last couple of years, my life has revolved around a single idea, and that was “growth”. In the past 2 years, I learned Japanese and French, how to cook, developed habits such as reading, working out, and meditating, and, perhaps the most important of all, I learned how to deal with people. And in every one of these endeavors, I was passionate, and I fully immersed myself into them.


In order to learn how to cook, I became a chef at a 2 Michelin Starred restaurant. In order to learn french and japanese, I would listen to instructional cds, and watch movies in the prospective language or with the language’s subtitles. In order to develop a habit, I would watch videos and read only about how people developed such habits.


But as much as it seems that I was so determined, so focused to succeed and attain a level of proficiency in a skill, I wasn’t.


My french was very good, but my japanese is a lot better because I have a japanese girlfriend(which I got almost a year after I finished studying japanese).


Before I was a chef, I bought four cookbooks, and I only really cracked open one.


And to develop a habit, I would only start reading or watching videos if they showed up in my life, whether it be a blog post pointing towards another book, or a video showing up in my feed. Only then would I have enough motivation to start “learning”.


So in reality, I am dilettante. I am a narcissistic who has to constantly remind himself that he knows nothing. I really do know nothing.


However, within my narcissism, within my self-obsession, there is an obvious yearning/desire to be more.


And my being as a youtuber, is simply my new obsession. To be honest, I started this channel to learn about business and marketing. I wanted to learn how to build an audience, and how businesses worked. And like most of my endeavors, I didn’t have a clear idea of how to start. But I was not discouraged by this, so I started searching up terms such as, “How to become a youtuber”, “How to get 10,000 subscribers”, and “How to build an audience on Youtube”. From there, I found some channels that were very helpful, such as “Video Influencers” and “Video creators”, and learned the basics of being a youtuber.


And from there I started to suck everything up like a sponge. I learned how to create advertisements, utilize keywords(kinda), and also how to utilize social media. But I still have much to learn. I have only a basic structure on how to do things, and I don’t even do them well.
So join me on this journey to becoming better, and maybe you will grow too.


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