Journal #1 My First Percent Better

I decided to wake up earlier, so I am starting at 7 am. I have consistently woken up at this time for the past 5(?) days. I have been getting a lot more done, and I have had a lot more free time.


I want to read at least 100 pages a day. And this can be a combination of audible books and physical books. I devised that my combination of the two should be an hour of audio, and about 60 pages of a book.


I have also recently gotten a gym membership(after not having one for almost a year), and have been going there almost everyday. I will work out 6 times a week, and have a single rest day. If that is too much for my body, I shall give myself more rest days.


I will keep you guys updated as to my progress, and hopefully I will become like Bruce Wayne in mental and physical fitness.


Till then, signing off~

Sam Choi


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