Tips on becoming a constant reader~

We all know how important it is to read, and how much valuable information is hidden inside the paper treasure troves that we call books. And you can find thousands of entrepreneurs, youtubers, billionaires, millionaires, and other successful people, that will attribute their success to their reading habits.


And by the end of their story, they tell you the moral is. . .read. Read any and everything. They tell you to pick up and book, it doesn’t matter what, just read. And that is great and all, if only life were so easy.


The successful people know the power behind a reading habit, but they just don’t know how to translate their habits into actionable and sustainable guidelines. This is because most people do not know the power of sequencing. This is the ability to not only know a phone number, but to be able to dial it in the right order.


Most people when they try to start reading, they pick up a book, and they give themselves X amount of pages to read everyday. And they gave a great start, but fast forward a couple days, and they reach the dry part of the book. They get bored, and you guessed it, they give up. Then a couple of months will go by before they even pick up a book.


So in order to not do this, I have developed a guideline to developing a reading habit. And I used the power of sequencing to help enable you to adopt a new habit. So if you are interested, watch this video.

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