Why A students work for B and C Students.

I was looking at a book by Robert Kiyosaki. Well, to be honest I just saw the cover. And it had the same title above(minus the b students, sorry guys), and it got me thinking. And like most people, I do all my thinking the shower.

A students are praised and rewarded for their academic excellence. They are told that they are on their way to success. And this is all fine and dandy, but this can all cultivate a single belief.

Their success in the academic world creates a mental dependence. They see that the path towards success for them lies in academics. And potentially, this could lead to people honing in on only their studies. And thus, the A students remain A students, and grow academically.

However, the B and C students, are often getting those grades because they are focused on other things. Whether it be games or finance books, the source of their information is not limited to what their schools give them. And so, they learn things that schools fail to teach the A students.


And so, A students leave schools, masters in academia, but absolute beginners in the outside world. B and C students however, knew that academia was not for them, and so they sought success somewhere else. And this leads to them looking for A students to work in their businesses and corporations.


If you want to learn about what beliefs and mindsets you need to prevent failure and delusion, watch this playlist~

Here’s the link~


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