Focusing on what is truly important, Your Art

I have been reminded constantly this week about how easily I mislabel things as important. In my head, everything is under the label of important and unimportant. Now if you’re like me, you are pretty good at sorting through your day, and focusing on what is important.


However, if you are also like me, then you’re not perfect, and sometimes we need subsets of “important”, and “more important”.


If you have a product, or something at the center of your business or career, we all know that we must give value. However, in the midst or marketing and selling our product, we lose sight of what will make us successful. And that is the value of the art/product.


I lost myself in the advertising, the social media, and the franchising/branding of my product. And these are all important aspects of business, but I overspent my time on these things, instead of the actual creating of the art, because that’s how I saw it. They were all important.


We have to distinguish the important from the unimportant, but further more, we have to distinguish the “important”, from the “more important”, and the “more important”, from the “direly, do it now, or everything will be in shambles important”.


We need to create our own safety nets to protect us from ourselves.


Now I focus on the value, the art, and then I focus on selling it.

Create good art.


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