The Art of Retarding yourself

In ancient times, warriors would purposefully self-impose constraints to force themselves to become stronger. They would, on purpose, limit themselves, retard their movements, and shut off certain senses, in order to grow and become greater warriors.


Now, must of us are familiar with these training montages. The hero chains himself to a tree and unleashes a bath of bees onto himself. He sucks at first, and he goes into bed, red from all the stings. Fast-forward 30 seconds, and he’s so fast that a bee can’t touch him.


But we don’t adopt this mentality. Instead we interpret the montage as an advertisement for hard work and motivation. And we lose the opportunity to grow at exponential rates.


We lose the art of retarding ourselves.


When we reach a plateau in our careers, our relationships, or some random skill we are cultivating, instead of looking for some new life-hack to help hasten the process, and grow at some minuscule level, chain yourself in such way, so that you have to think differently.

When it comes to life, we often find comfort zones in our careers, lives, and relationships, that we can rely on, to help us be more comfortable with our weaknesses. But once we artfully take that away, our weaknesses become painfully apparent.


Can you pull off some dance move because you have your left arm to shift your weight, because you are uncomfortable with your right sides footing? Take away your left arm.


Can you write 1500 words a day, and push out articles like some sort of machine, but you have horrible intros or conclusions? Devise the first 1,000 words to writing only intros/conclusions.


Do you need to do some meaningless task in order to feel like you have accomplished something, and go to sleep that night? Skip that meaningless task, and relive that day without checking your email more than 2 times(trust me, even 2 times is a waste).


Find the areas in your life where you hide your weaknesses within your strengths. Take those strengths away, and you will harden your soft spots, your weaknesses.


There is an art in allowing yourself to be stupid. Your self-imposed stupidiity is your paint, and your growth is your canvas.

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