A humbling lifehack for egomaniacs like me~

When it comes to ego, I know that it is easy to abuse. Now I am not saying that ego is bad, I believe that there is such a thing as a healthy amount of ego, but, like most people, I have abused the the doctor’s recommendation amount.


Ego comes from how we frame our accomplishments and failures, and often how we misinterpret out achievements and shortcomings.


Ego transforms a success, into a independent miracle of your own making.  Ego makes you forget everyone that helped you, and you start to believe in your own ability wrongly.


Now who am I to have an ego? To be honest, I’m not really anybody. Today I have a good cap on my ego, so I can be a little more honest as I write this. Although I have had my successes, they are no where near the successes of the most famous billionaires, scientists, actors, models, chefs, whatever field you name, I haven’t gotten that far.


But my ego tells me, “It’s okay. You are successful. Look how far you have gone, and how low everyone is.”

And as comforting as the voice may be, it is ultimately a lie.


Sure I was a chef at a two Michelin star restaurant, but I only worked there for half a year, and I got my ass chewed for the first three months.


Sure I was an actor and a model, but I can walk down any street anywhere, and nobody would bat an eye.


Ego takes reality, and turns it into fantasy.


And here’s another hint, these are not my ideas. I am constantly reading the book “Ego is the Enemy”, by Ryan Holiday, and my ego has tricked me again by not revealing the source of this article. Until now, I thought these were all my thoughts.


Ego can make you delusional. Take confidence in only reality. Take pride in what you REALLY accomplished. Not what you can INTERPRET. You are the culmination of your actions and your beliefs. If your beliefs delude you, you will never be able to truly interact with the world to your best potential, because you will be walking around the world with blinders.




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