How to Strategize and Start living your Dreams and Goals.

Most people put their dreams on hold, and tell themselves that they will start some day. That they will start being happy once they have met some condition, whether it be when they have enough money, time, or etc.
In order to succeed, we need to start. People become paranoid about having a perfect start. You don’t need one. Most successful people just start, and they find themselves along the way. That is what you need to do.


I have done a lot of things in my life. I was a chef at a 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant. A male model and an actor. I have worn so many different hats, because I am always looking for something new to do. And every time I have a new dream or goal, I always do the same thing. I make a guideline on how I can achieve it. And there is one major secret.
Just start.


Be who you want to be by taking the first step. If you don’t know the first step, watch this video to learn the simple guidelines of how to achieve your goals, and dreams.


Thanks for reading, I hoped you guys liked it~

Sam Choi




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